Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sci-Fi Crimes

Okay, so I'm not gonna lie... I'm pretty psyched for this one. So psyched, in fact, that I'm flatly ignoring the other album I got today, and probably will for a few good weeks, until I get THIS out of my system. See, the thing is... I like Chevelle a lot. They're probably my only "hard rock" band that I really, really dig. They're definitely in my Top 20, close to the Top 10. And, recently, I've been re-listening to Vena Sera and This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)... And, have come to the conclusion, especially in concern of the former, that Chevelle's got a LOT to live up to...

So, Peter, Sam, and Dean... Give it your best shot!

Title: Sci-Fi Crimes
Artist: Chevelle
Label: Epic
Release: 2009

Track One: Sleep Apnea
Guitars.... Crunchy bass0y sounds... I dig the music so far, y'all. THERE'S PETER'S VOCALS!! Allllright, here we go.... Oh, I love the slight echo.... This one has a really good, steady beat. Very head-bob-able... God, this just shows one of the kick-ass things about this band; the fantastic meeting of Peter's gorgeous vocals and their powerful music... It's great... OOOH, more of that awesome echo... That's a really good usage of an effect; I dig it. And, oh I'm in love with this bridge... This is a good start, you guys!

Track Two: Mexican Sun
Drumstick taps!!! Awesome. ...Oooh, Peter sounds so angry on this one. I like it! ...Some screaming? Sweeeet! Rock on! This one's, IDK, dirtier and grungier than Sleep Apnea... But, it's just as good.... Mmmm.... The way Peter's straining his vocals is so spot on... I love this, too... Oh, and the shift in the midst of it... Absolutely great.

Track Three: Shameful Metaphors
We slowing down? We taking a breather? Okay... I like it. I like the change of pace. Heck, I need a break, too. But, see, this is Chevelle... A break is just something that ROCKS!!!, just not quite as loudly. ;-)

Track Four: Jars
Ahhhh; here we are, the lead-in single. It rocks; pure and simple. This song, right here, should get Chevelle new fans...

Track Five: Fell Into Your Shoes
First off, what a cool title, no? I mean, really, what. a. cool. title. ...Anyway... Okay, starting off soft, with some effects... I'm digging..... OOOOOOH!!! Ooooh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pitch variances!!! And the overlaying!!! OMG. Yes, I approve.... "The skies are overwhelmed," neat lyric; randomly powerful... And the brief pause... Final choruses, with a guitar outro... I'm in heart... This is great, This is really darn good.

Track Six: Letter from a Thief
I'm, oddly, not quite digging the filter of Peter's voice... But, my God, the chorus and everything after makes up for it; the music of the chorus is pure win. ...Bridge is pure win, too... Guitar solo/ending is great... Good lord, this is good.

Track Seven: Highland's Apparition
A song about a ghost?... We'll see... Oh, acoustic... Wow... The slightly softer side of Chevelle, is it? I approve... OOOOOH...... His little..... IDK.... Drawn out sound... And the odd, harpsichord-y guitar... Oh, wow.... This is just as intense as their other music yet, unplugged....

Track Eight: Roswell's Spell
..........I was wondering when it'd happen.... *sigh* I knew the I LOVE IT ALL!! spell would break. Don't get me wrong, this one's good.... Just not as good. The verses are just... I don't approve... But, the choruses are fantastic... Oddness. And the music break's great, too... Hmph. I'm totally torn on this one.... It grows on me as it goes on...

Track Nine: Interlewd
Anyway.... I don't see the point of this little break, unless that's what it is... If it's a pausing point signifying that the last two songs are particularly out there... IDK. We'll see.

Track Ten: A New Momentum
I'm... Sort of digging... I like the semi-strianed screaming... It works well; and the crunchy, angry music... But, for some reason, I'm not quite... Okay, I feeling it more... And... feeling it... I don't know how I feel about this one....
2/5 (ask me again at some point in time from now and it could be a 4/5.. seriously)

Track Eleven: This Circus
....This is... This odd, amazing.... Combination... it switches a lot... There's pacing, and there's sounds, and there's voice effects... And, wow... This is just a neat ending; like one big amalgamation of the whole album... I approve.

Alright... There was a slight nose-dive toward the end... But, overall, this is a very good album. Sadly, it didn't beat out Starsailor for fav album of the year, but it's got the number Two spot! (Yay for Chevelle!)

Stylistically... It's not Vena Sera, and it isn't TToT (CDUI) or Wonder What's Next.... I'd say it's a natural, expected step forward... It is very, very good: an awesome rock album.
Good work, Chevelle. Come to H-Town again, please! I'm dying to see you.

let's let the panic bloom


  1. i think you might like 3 days grace's One-X. same feel as this.

  2. Hmmmm. I think they're pretty good, but for some reason, I just can't get into them. *shrug* But, they get you into a good mood, so that's good enough for me. *smile*

  3. I don't like 3DG vocals; it's my only hindrance to them.

    And, yeah, Brigii, that should be good enough for you!