Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay. So, we all know I'm happily apart from people, yeah? Right, well, okay, so... Let's say that, for once, I actually want to talk to someone, anyone... Just someone who cares enough to listen to my unintelligible rants for just a little while until I pull it the fuck together and stop crying, okay? Right... Well, so I call, and I call, and no one answers... No one.
Not the guy who said he hoped to see me today, nor the best-friend, nor the other best-friend, nor the Goober who texted me twice with Gooey nonsense, while I'm supposed to be in the classroom... Not them. Not even parents... Except, for Dad. He answered....

And he heard it all...

In vastly more important news... Yesterday, the 14th, was the release of Silversun Pickups' sophomore album, Swoon. About two months ago, I pre-ordered it on Amazon. Also yesterday, I started the last fourth of my Honors seminar: Dance, and the release of that album was the only thing I was looking forward to the whole day. Imagine my extreme disappointment when it was NOT in my mailbox when I checked, two times. Thankfully, Michael saved me from the disappointment, while openly criticizing my music taste, as only he can. Then, my mother helped in her own way, letting me know that in July, we're going to go see Aerosmith and ZZ Top at the Woodlands. Oh, and I also joined Inner Machine, finally. It was actually a decent day.

Then today came and almost went, until a bright little blip of musical bliss pulled me out of the dregs. Swoon had appeared in my mailbox, when I half-expected emptiness. Moral of the story...? Always think the glass is half empty, that way happiness is more easily accessible if the glass gets filled up. Tahdah, easy road to happiness.

So, without further adieu, my review of Swoon:
Song 1: There's No Secrets This Year
Hooray for long titles... You know, I don't really remember Carnavas having titles like that, except for, WTOT.... That's about the only one that was longer and semi-awkwar- Oh! Right, the song... Okay, wow... Aubert's singing a little quicker than normal. It's unexpected, but it's a neat surprise that somehow works with the lyrics. It's a good, strong opener: a little rockier than the fare found on Carnavas.
However, one slight complaint, and yeah I know it's the chorus and all, but... It seems like the song relies on it a little too much, which isn't like them, imo... Oh, well, it's still solid, especially when it breaks down at roughly 4:30, and we're given a peak into the album's title.

Song 2: The Royal We
The guitars sound great with the slight strings... I love the combination of strings and rock; always have, always will. In fact, I think this combines the two as good as, say, GGD's Iris, or Black Balloon, but just in a different way.
Okay, this one seems more verse-based... I like it a lot so far; Aubert's vocals seem angrier and more urgent. But, still, they can slow down and pull you in without scaring you off. This one has a great driving beat to it... It really rocks, comparatively. And his vacillation between quiet and loud is really nice. I like that he's making a point to show off his volume and range, and Monninger's backing vocals are perfect.

Song 3: Growing Old is Getting Old
The first few notes, for whatever reason, make me think of Modest Mouse, which is good in my book. Anyway, loving the simple beat, and the ghostiness to his vocals at first. Oooh, it's nice how the guitars kick in, and the drums, about half-way, too, bringing us out of a haze... Hmm... I really like the bridge and chorus to this one, too: We sing, fight, we cry. / we slide, slide, we slide into the light / Maybe we're sealed in silence / And maybe we feel a guidance. This one is really good... Ends very strong.

Song 4: It's Nice to Know You Work Alone
Okay, first few notes, and I'm NOT DIGGING... But, this is SSPU, so I'll keep going. Okay, once those notes fade out, the song gets instantly better. I guess it's just a weak opening hook. The grinding, rough guitar is good, gives the sensitive-seeming song an edge. It's good, but I think it's the weakest track so far.

Song 5: Panic Switch
Well, this is the opening single for Swoon, so it should be awesome, right? Oh, it IS awesome... This, I think, might be their loudest song yet, and it's kickass. I think it's a fantastic pick for the lead single, and I think it'll do well. It gets played a lot on MTVU...

Song 6: Draining
Starting off soft, after such a loud song.... Makes sense. I'm digging this one a lot, a nice, dreamy trip through aether; a perfect relaxation after Panic Switch.

Song 7: Sort Of
This MIGHT be my favorite song on the album. Aubert's vocalization, going all up and down.... It's really hypnotizing. Plus, the psychadelic guitars as great... This is just a fantastic song... Like, it could have been a bonus on Carnavaz, I think.
5/5, easily.

Song 8: Substitution
This one seems to be the most straightforward rock song, not as dreamy/experimental/ambient as their typical work. It almost sounds surreal: that type of music with Aubert's vocals.... But, I really love this one, too.... It's a great follow-up to Sort Of.

Song 9: Catch and Release
A song about love and sex and romance.... It's very sexual, but it's very beautiful, too... I really love the strings, and the one line: "Who knows / how this feeling grows?" Super simple, but really poignant...

Song 10: Surrounded (or spiraling)
Back to the distortion and flatter vocals, and breathiness... I'm diggin', but not quite as much as some of the other songs. However, the lyrics are very strong, as usual. "Are you dancing / or stumbling beside me?" etc.... And, points for them ending with a 4:44 minute song...

I'm assuming that they, perhaps, made a conscious decision to ROCK more on this album, so I don't want to say they should stick with surreal/dreamy music, because I feel that they're competent in both styles. Yet, and this is mostly just because of my personal taste, I think they're a little stronger with THAT style, versus rockier/heavier music. Aubert's vocals are beautiful, in a raspy, nasally, whiny sort of way, and I love them... And, I think they might fit a little more with the dreamy music, but they're still a wonderful addition to the heavier side. All in all, this was deffinitely worth the two and a half years since Carnavas, and I'm very happy with it. I'm not sure if it was as Earth-Shattering as Starsailor's All the Plans, but... It's damn good.

New music 2009 continues, next time.... With >Ezra! Until then...... There'll be teasing snippets of in-progress Goo to tide me over! (Or not, if it all ends up vaguely reminding me of LLI.)
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Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay. So, this other Goober contacted me via PM over on Lucky Star. And, she's all on the topic of bromance - you know, that semi-new buzz word that over romanticizes deep, platonic love between dudes? Yeah, that affliction of, say, House and Wilson, JD and Turk, and Spongebob and Patrick, for example...

Well, wouldn't you know it, she PMs to discuss the Gooey bromance of Rzeznik and Takac, which I lazily, yet lovingly, refer to as: Rzezkac. (Doesn't that actually sound like it could be some random Polish/Hungarian surname...? Hell if I know.) And, well, I won't go into the specifics of the conversation, since I don't really have her permission to talk about it. However, I will say that it got me thinking.

This whole bromance thing is pretty new, right? I mean, it seems to be hitting its peak right around now, especially with I Love You, Man, but it's still relatively recent. As in, it wasn't a popular term, or may not have even existed, back in, say, 1998.

Why am I picking 1998?
Oh, why ever would I pick THAT year?...

The goober's PM got me thinking, because I realized that in my 12 years as a Goober, I never described Rzezkac as a bromance. Now, you could argue that I never did, because the term wasn't around. Sure, okay... But, see, here's the counter-argument to that: Even now, I don't describe Rzezkac as a bromance.

I call it what it is: love.
They're bestest buddies, pure and simple. They're like brothers, and they fight over stupid shit, but stand by each other through all the rain and all the sunshine, too. They gush on camera about how they couldn't do this without the other, and then, on the radio, they joke how they're just stuck with each other, like an old married couple that wouldn't stand a chance separately if they broke up.

That dynamic is partly what attracts me to the Dolls. It's not just the kickass music, the meaningful lyrics, or the good deeds they do: it's, literally, them. And, it goes beyond the two of them taken separately. It's more than how I was once an obzezzive, but I turned into a fanatak circa 2000; more than how they each have qualities that I idealize and pray to find in real mean; more than idolization (because I've moved beyond worshipping them).

It's them and their relationship. It, like other famous friendships (like Hawthorne and Melville's), just warms my heart. It really astounds me and makes me so happy, and hopeful, to see two people have such a wonderful connection with each other, especially in a world where I believe that, although we may seem so connected with each other, the technology that links us might do more harm than good in the long-run, as far as real relationships are concerned. (You can type your condolences to someone over AIM, and use all the emoticons you know, but it's never the same as holding someone when they're upset and making them feel better just by literally being there for them. That AIM conversation, or the exchange of Notes on f_book may seem real, but it's really superficial.)

And, yes, I'm aware of my hypocrisy, as I am fully aware that I'm typing all this out in a BLOG.

...Anyway, I haven't really responded to the other Goober. About what she's asking, I'm not quite sure. I thought I knew, but the more I think about it; I really don't, and it's not something that's been decided upon, let alone even discussed, within the fandom. And neither of us are brave enough to get the conversation started. Being an outcast wouldn't be fun.

Anyways, feel free to ignore all this whimsy: I just ramble about them, together or apart, sometimes. I can't help it; it's one of the things I really love about the band... Because, if it wasn't for that connection, that bond, there wouldn't be any by-products of it, like that amazing performance of Name from a few posts back: or this Black Balloon.

Their dedication to each other, their love, their... Bromance? (Sure, fine... What the hell, why not? Let's keep it timely...) It just... Makes me smile.
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